5th dimensional vibration dark vs light


Let’s discuss the concept of good and bad, light and dark, war and peace from the human perspective then look at it from a 5th-dimensional perspective.

The 3rd Dimension is physicality, therefore it is ruled by space, we have to physically experience all that is and all that can be imagined.

When we are vibrating low as a whole– and time = (4th/5th dimensional experience), is running out, beings (spirit) from the 5th will send a soul that creates such chaos that it will literally shock us out of our ‘stuckness’ and enforce the necessary change within so that unity, peace, balance can be restored and vibrations evolve. This is achieved through all dimensions collapsing energetically to create the chaos to force the change. If we resist change, evolution, our bodies will change to make this happen. When we are vibrationally low as a whole, war, sickness, disease, and fear will dominate our reality.

There, is no good and bad from the 5th perspective. Only love for all that is, as it is, in any given moment.

There is no dark force and light force as we have been downloaded to believe. This is a human construct, a belief in this duality as opposing forces is the problem. If we are pulled too far into the light we are consumed by it and the same for the dark, we must learn to stay neutral as this is all there is in the Universe. Neutrality and constant change and movement are all there is. If we fight the dark because we are consumed by the light then in order to get peace we will have to fight therefore peace equal fighting = perceived darkness and so the loop goes on.

(light = 1st dimension+ masculine=creation) and

(dark= 2nd dimension – Feminine = destruction)

(neutrality = 3rd dimension)

where there is creation there must be a breaking down and rebuilding. If we resist this we will appear to create something outside of us to bring that change. This is our shadow, the disowned parts of consciousness. It is our resistance, our fear, our fighting the dark illusion that creates the chaos. If we go to much in either direction our feet will be knocked out from under us. there must be balance and harmony.

experiences -experiments -Integration-Transcendence. This is what we are here to achieve for our evolution. Spirit and matter come together to learn how to shift through this process so it can become a co-creator.

What is happening now is, the chaos to shock the change that most have been resisting so that our mother (earth) can raise the vibration of her consciousness, (us) and transcend into the neutrality of the 5th Dimension. This is achieved not found. It’s an internal job.

This is not a place we elevate to, it is a feeling, a perspective. It is felt in the heart and found through the subconscious. We must come from Love of self and all that is in its current state, use our will and access wisdom, not knowledge.

what is the difference? knowledge is how we work in the 3rd dimension, it is where we learn how to navigate this reality. Wisdom is achieved in and like the 4th and 5th dimensions. It is a knowing, a comfortable state of uncertainty and acceptance of change and its consistency.

It is vital for your vibration that you understand this and let go of the paradigms around good – bad, dark – light, as they have been misunderstood for too long. Wars are started over the GOOD OR LIGHT fighting for justice AND PEACE.

can you see the conflict? you become what you hate the most in the mirror perspective of self.

“5th dimensional vibration dark vs light”

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5th dimensional vibration dark vs light