Dis-ease is caused by our thinking. we have programs dictating how we perceive events, people, and information. Most of this is not ours. This causes conflict between the souls knowing and the early conditioning
It is this conflict that creates the autopilot response. It is misinformation that came from others with little understanding that keep all of humanity a slave to things outside of them. Planets are living spheres. we download their message at birth, accumulate layers of distortion then react negatively to a transit that was created to activate our greatness. Instead we fall into the false self, created by our environment, and get caught in a loop of never-ending torture.
We all chose to have this experience -we all chose Earth as our University. This Sphere of life gives us exciting platforms that allow us to be nurtured as we learn organically. Every experience enacted momentarily is fed back to the field to enrich it with a new understanding
We, as a collective consciousness, a thought that the one Source thinks, expanded these thoughts and become things, a holographic projection of what thought can create and expand upon.
We are an extension of every thought looking to expand its thinking. The human avatar is the perfect vessel to dream up more experiences. This container allows us to push the limits of spirit. Yes we are limited as human bodies in a 3D reality, we can only go so far, however, the spirit, the field, and Source could not achieve these experiences and this evolution, without the body, therefore, we are not as limited as perceived as both spirit and physical need each others experience to become whole.
If you change your perception and start to think differently, you will see that you are not stuck in this body, you have chosen it as a master’s degree in expansion through imagination, which is a higher octave of thoughts that think.
We have trapped ourselves with outmoded beliefs taken on from men in fear who forgot what they came here for.
My purpose is to support souls in remembering who they are, clear the distortion and awaken their divine mission and purpose.
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