How do I receive the course?

All course content is sent via email. Class training is conducted via zoom.

How do we make payments?

All payments go through Paypal

Can Theta Healing be done over the phone or does it have to be in person?

Theta Healing can be done long distance, over the phone or via zoom.

How long is a theta healing session?

A healing session can last from 20 to 40 minutes depending on the issue being treated.

How many sessions will I need?

Every client has different needs based on the varying circumstances. The client’s receptivity and ability to sustain change will determine the number of sessions. Some clients have resistance or unresolved issues that may require a follow-up session.

What is Psychological Astrology?

Psychological Astrology is a product of Swiss Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst Dr Carl Jung’s thought process. Using the Jungian principles, Psychological Astrology combines Metaphysics, Science and Psychology to promote healing from within. We believe that this model works perfectly for analysing the core issues within the clients. It is perhaps the fastest and most accurate tool for identifying your life purpose and hidden parts of the self. Psychological Astrology is a great tool that gets straight to the real issue, through bypassing the ego to ensure the onset of true healing and forward movement.

Why get an Astrology blueprint or birth chart done?

Your Birth Chart represents the blueprint of your soul’s journey in the physical world. It shows how you relate, hear, speak, feel, think, and act apart from highlighting your greatest fears, obstacles, and challenges in this incarnation. It also tells us a great deal about your previous attitude and what adjustments are required to succeed in this incarnation. Furthermore, your passion, career, relationships, and birth experiences are all observed in your Birth Chart.

Can I get my Astrology birth chart reading done on the Gold Coast?

You can easily get your blueprint or Birth Chart read over the phone, in-person or on a live zoom call where we can record it. Children’s charts can be typed up and emailed.

Do I need to book more than one astrology session?

In most cases one session is enough. However, if the client decides to work through and resolve more patterns or issues it is possible to book multiple coaching sessions. As your transits change yearly you may want to book a catchup session to see where you are heading energetically at that time.

What kinds of charts are there available?

You can book a reading for a variety of charts including relationship charts, health, work, karmic family dynamics, life purpose or emotional issues.

How long do the Psychological Astrology sessions go for?

Astrology readings take 90 – 120minutes.

How do I book consultations and services?

Visit our website to book consultation sessions. You may also message Deb and Ren at

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Facebook users can directly message Deb and Ren on their public page inbox at

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