Focus on thriving not surviving

When our focus on thriving not surviving we are vibrationally matching to a sense of loss or lack. Loss of power and Lack of safety.
When this vibration gets emotionally involved with a perceived fear of unsafety, we are more likely to attract things to survive and need protection from.
The Law of Vibration does not understand that we are not wanting this, It responds to the frequency emitted which is where the focus is and brings us more of the same
For instance: People who stay in abusive relationships for fear of being alone, unloved or financially secure will find it a challenge to leave the abuse as the perceived fear of doing it alone out-ways the abuse.
Example: Person leaves the abusive relationship only to find themselves back in another one 6 months later because they are in a cycle of survival. This pulls to them partners who are vibrating from this same frequency of lack and loss however they will play it out as the polar opposite so that both can physically see what is lacking within each other which mirrors back through the relationship.
Paradigms are responsible for this never ending cycle. Low self esteem breaks down boundaries and attracts what we fear the most.
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focus on thriving not surviving