Frequency and Our Comfort Zone As the frequency of our environment changes to align with the Planetary and Universal vibrations, so too will our personal energy or frequency. Many will go into resistance and create physical experiences that are not pleasant. Some will bathe in this light and up-level. Both are absolutely OK to feel.

You must not stay in lower frequencies if you want to change your current circumstance. If you are experiencing the latter, understand that you are a vibrational match to the uncomfortable or angry energies and they are triggering a reaction that brings to light, the parts of self that need to be reviewed, released and repaired. Feel what part of your body this resides in and heal the energetic tears in your field.

If you are not able to support yourself through this process, reach out. The Quantum Blueprint contains so much information to help you adjust your thinking, feeling and being. Scroll down the page and enjoy the content. please like and comment, we love the interaction. If you feel you would benefit from studying with us, please let us know as we have programs and courses for every need. There is no better time than NOW to make a commitment to self to do the necessary work and raise your bodies vibration to meet your spirit, than now.

When you are not fully present and your vessel is left to its own device, it will run on your early conditioning and programs. What does this mean? It means that your body and its recorded responses and memory of the past will take control.

You will be on autopilot. You as a spirit and consciousness are not here, you are off in the field avoiding the hard issues, challenges or mundane tasks. You are not present, therefore anything you attempt to improve or do differently will not take as the program in your body is in control and it does not negotiate.


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