Psychological issues create physical symptoms. Physical symptoms are the result of your dis-ease, not the cause.
When we experience trauma, shock, or pain it will trigger past events and pain points or even exacerbate an underlying existing emotional or mental issue. This then causes a behaviour.

We are not our behaviour, nor our beliefs, Most of them are not ours to begin with

Labels are our way of identifying a symptom or issue, this leaves a person feeling like there is something unfixable in them, and for many this can mean a life sentence OR IS IT?

Our mind is perfect, our brain cells have the capacity to rewire and relearn what is needed to compensate for damaged cells if you know how to program them.

Our body regenerates constantly, our stomach lining regenerates every 5-7 days, as do our cells. Our liver every 4-30 days, so why is it we continually repeat or experience the same issues?

It is because the driver of the issues is in the thinking, the paradigms and the genetic DNA predisposition. We are running from a program, we keep recreating what we don’t want, we are reliving the trauma or shock every time we go into the story of it with passion.
Our mind doesn’t know it is a memory, it thinks it is happening over and over. This is how we keep instructing our body to regenerate with the same damage, its in the proteins, in the cells, it is instructing your body to rinse and repeat. How do you rewire this? by daily study and inner work, reprogramming all the genetic codes and beliefs systems that no longer serve your being.

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