Libra Full Moon

Libra Full Moon/Aries axis-18 degree 43 minutes @12.34:11pm on the 8th April 2020 AEST EST-New York time @ 10.25pm on the 7th April 2020 UK @ 03.35am on the 8th April 2020


THE MOON IS ALWAYS FULL, JUST NOT FROM EARTH PERSPECTIVE  Haven’t we been experiencing the most trans formative frequencies since late 2019? I’m going to start this post with an overview of how and why we react to the planetary lineup Prior to incarnating, we choose the family, the lessons and pod members that will assist our growth.

In Utero, we are downloading all of our parent’s genetic codes, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours, fears, and traits. This goes way back many generations and is encoded into our DNA. In our first 7 years or our first Saturn square, we are in a constant Theta state.

This makes us vulnerable to our environment and everything that is said and done in it. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN? Because if we came into the world without instruction on how to be or behave, no idea about structures and rules, we would not be able to live in this society. It is our family unit that programs us with this.

HOW DOES PLANETARY ENERGY COME IN?  The Planets are living breathing spheres that create life. They all have a frequency that is unique to them with purpose. Each frequency is downloaded into us at our moment of birth and triggered for release and understanding at certain times of our incarnation to encourage soul growth.

This is preplanned and agreed upon prior to birth. We have outer (transpersonal) planets and inner (daily motivators). There are transpersonal/generational voices that affect us globally and transpersonal that also align with us on a personal level that trigger events. The impact of these events will depend on our level of self-understanding. This will determine whether the lesson is hard, debilitating, or challenging and easily sorted. It’s up to us.

Let’s have a quick look at what is happening over the past few months and how it is leading us to something bigger. If you understand that we create this environment and all the happiness and drama in it then you are empowered to make changes that will benefit self and humanity.

As we did not come in with obvious instruction on how to work this series, we can perhaps be a little kinder to ourselves and others for missing what was in front of us all along.


Full Moon, meaning coming to fruition, Is in the sign of Libra and in opposition to the Sun in Aries. The luminaries opposing, male and female aspects mirroring and illuminating the shadow and deepest darkest reaches of the emotional body and spirit. This is about balance.

How do we think kinder thoughts and feel more balanced, without hiding in the shadows of passive rage? This is about equality, empathy and collaboration however to reach this goal within we must all meet our shadow, our rage (Sun conjunct Lillith) and heal our wounds (conjunct Chiron).

The wounds around cultural difference, the anger projected out at others in blame. We must find our voice, speak with courage and conviction in a peaceful and tolerant manner as we are after all, from the one thought and breath.

The Source of all that is that sprays itself as individual thought and expression across the soul bridge so that spirit and matter can interact and expand on this original thought. This is what we are. Our generational, Pluto, has been in Capricorn for quite some time now and will continue to join our bridging planets Saturn and Jupiter to bring about balance in our material realm.

Saturn constricts while Jupiter expands.

Pluto will force us to dig deeper than ever before so that Saturn can bring the frequency of structure and groundedness back into the field while teaching us to take self-responsibility, stop overindulging and bring practical application into our lives.

Jupiter will expand on this and bring us the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if we dare to face our darkest parts and transform them back into the light. Neptune and Mercury are travelling together in Pisces and like the two fish, are showing different aspects of each other for us to understand how we think and communicate.

You have two options here, are you going to get lost in the illusion of words from others that tell you that it’s not safe or are you going to use these energies to illuminate the lies and inspire change? Saturn and Mars are conjunct in Aquarius. These frequencies together may bring up anger for you from past experiences unhealed.

They may trigger old memories of being dismissed or held back by others, where you felt weak at the hands of another male or authoritarian figure.

This is a great time to take your power back and express your feelings as these two are also in trine aspect to Venus in Gemini. Stand up and share your thoughts with integrity and grace, this will support your healing. Standing up with integrity and grace will support your healing.

Those in leadership roles have the opportunity to take action on behalf of those who are still working out their power. This must be done in a way that serves humanity not-self, as this energy can be felt as aggressive and hard.

Now you have a better understanding of who you are and how you react to the planetary energies there is no excuse for the lack of decision that keeps you in the loop of un-safety and powerlessness.

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