New Moon on the 15th November @ 23 degree’s Scorpio-3.07pm AEST (planetary transits astrology)

This year’s planetary transits are all about peeling away the layers bit at a time, reviewing, releasing, repairing, or replacing what no longer serves us. Over the coming months you will feel more intensity around your transformation. Fears will be brought to light, unconscious behaviours played out plus beginnings and endings.

If  you are able to go with the flow and allow these changes, take on new perspectives, let go of old outworn resentment, anger and impulsive drives, you will be able to experience the benefits of the new vibrations coming in for integration.

Keep in mind that the body (subconscious) holds onto programs to keep us alive and functioning. If you are the type of person who is not grounded, suffers anxiety, fight or flight then expect that your programs will be deeply ingrained.

This energy will be quite intense as the Luminaries are conjunct in Scorpio in the 8th house. Scorpio resides naturally in the 8th, it is at home here and more powerful than ever.

Here I feel the uncertainty as humanity attempts to sort itself out. New Moons offer us the opportunity to set new standards, or reset past actions, feelings, and ways of being. Some will call for a total restructuring of government and laws while others will stay stuck in their old paradigms while projecting and resisting change. Those in power will not change easily or willingly. There is a lot of stuck energy in this set up.

There may be a lot of rage coming out into the open which are fuelled by unconscious wounds. Many will speak out with vengeance while others attempt to keep the peace. With Neptune going through the 12th, there may be a bit of confusion around what the truth is, as we attempt to uncover the depth of what is being offered by those in power. Neptune is in hard aspect to the south Node, pulling us back into the past to look at cultural paradigms that require reviewing and replacing.  This is the age of technology and information, use it diligently, dig deep within, and observe your environment closely, do not get trapped in the delusion that allows those in power to use your confusion for control. If we are to create the change, we want to see in the world it must start with us. Stand up and be counted.

With Uranus going through the 1st house accompanied by Lillith, expect the unexpected within relationships, your world and career sector.


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