Planetary Frequencies

Planetary frequencies contain information and knowledge that are embedded into our DNA at birth. These frequencies are neutral. The universe is both reflective and neutral. Planetary codes were delineated many years ago based on the vibration of human experience, discoveries and reoccurring patterns of behaviour. We are being invited to evolve, this requires all outmoded programs, beliefs, attitudes and delineations to be reconsidered and altered using a projection of what we desire the outcome to be, not the current circumstance.
You know the saying”history repeats itself?”
Isn’t it time that stopped? How much longer are we going to use old code reconstruction to dictate our future. Planets are living spheres, they hold a higher frequency than we do, they can sustain life as well as create, break down and transmute. I postulate that the reason these times are so chaotic is due to a majority of the collectives unwillingness to change. They have bought into the distortion, fear and past programs. They fight to keep the status quo as the uncertainty of the new way of being feels out of reach and daunting. This too is an illusion created by old programs, passed down generationally.
The planets are not doing this to us, they supply the energy that encapsulate the codes, we decide “HOW” it will be used. To date it has been to look back at the past and recreate the future in a loop of misery, war, destruction, control and chaos.
As long as we keep reinforcing meaning to movement in a negative way it will continue to reflect this back as we create from our belief, not our thinking, our belief.
If you do not believe in what you are saying, it cannot manifest. If you cannot see it, know it, understand and believe it, the program will default. You can write, say and think positive affirmations until the cows come home, if your program is not in harmony with that conversation it will not be. You can make statements about things that are not going right, however if you do not have a firm belief in this statement and it does not hold meaning attached to emotion then it will not be. History need not repeat itself, nor is it productive for us as a species to continually use the past as a base line for the future, you cannot go back, if you desire change, you must move forward, find new ways of thinking, being and doing. We must re-evaluate the delineation of these frequencies and surrender the lower nature in favour of a higher octave and resonance.
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