Astrological Blueprint – (beginners 3 month Astrology program) – *Learn to read your own chart


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Learning Astrology is like having a front row view to your chosen journey. Your blueprint or natal chart consists of all your contracts, your personality, past life, psycho emotional patterning, your genetic predisposition, talents, challenges and your true potential. The sky is frozen at your moment of birth. This is the map to your journey here. We are made of the same biological components as Star dust. Our genetic codes are directly connected to the planetary frequencies which is why so many feel emotional on a full moon.
Imagine having the skills and knowledge to understand everything about yourself and the capacity to alter, rewire and change your future using these tools.

In this 3 month program you will understand the foundational work for reading your own chart. This includes:

  • Introduction to Astrology and our place within it
  • 6 coach calls (all calls will be recorded for future reference)
  • The twelve houses
  • Ruling planets of each house
  • The 12 Signs and ruling planets
  • Elements and qualities
  • Personality traits
  • Planetary codes/energy body
  • The three phases
  • Four Quadrants and Hemispheres
  • Conception birth cycle chart
  • Astrology booklet

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