15 minutes to change- Education Centre (12 month mindset rewiring and awareness course)



This course was designed for people who are new to personal growth and have limited time and resources to invest.

In this 12 month course I will take you through the most common paradigms and paralysing beliefs that prevent you from changing your current circumstance. Over the 12 month period you will be asked to complete 12 units (one per month). This course has been designed to get you thinking differently and bring awareness to the subconscious programs that instruct your mind and dictate your actions. As a new student of the Quantum Blueprint you will be admitted to a VIP student page where you can interact with others, submit your work for discussion and ask for support .

**We offer extra support and one on one coaching for any student who wish to up-level faster at a discounted rate**

This course includes 

  • 12 units (one per month)
  • Access to our VIP facebook group
  • Learn what a paradigm is
  • Understand how a paradigms and vibration work together
  • Understand your ego/identity
  • Learn how decisions affect your results
  • Manage your environment
  • Standards are requirements
  • Learn about  the base chakras role

The Quantum blueprint has a no refund policy after content has been received by the purchaser.