spiritual awakening

We offer multiple services that incorporate Science, Psychology, Metaphysics and Spirituality. Our Programs and Coaching are designed to bring fast results, heal past wounds and rewire your DNA coding to bring you back to wholeness

  • Theta Healing combined with Energy Body work and Timeline Therapy
  • Spiritual Awareness “Amplitude” Program
  • Spiritual Awareness  “Expanse” Course
  • Psychological Astrology Blueprint (Natal Chart) readings and coaching
  • Astrology for beginners (Learn to read your own chart)
  • Psychotherapy and Strategic Coaching
  • Quantum Awareness & Spiritual Growth Mastery
  • 15 minutes to change (12 month Mindset rewiring and awareness program)
  • Teachable platform that comprises of free mini courses for people to get to know us
  • Instagram/Youtube/Free resources and blogs
  • doTerra Essential Oils for health and wellbeing
  • Neora Botanical/Vegan friendly face and body creams to reverse the signs of aging/skin conditions and stretch marks

Our Products and Services are Person Centered to assist you in reaching your desired results

  • In order to support you more, we offer a unique combination of Psychological concepts with Spiritual Awakening and Metaphysical understanding.
  • Our Coaches deliver a “Person  centred” approach and customize services that are tailored to each individuals specific spiritual awakening needs and requirements
  • We understand that there is not a “one size fits all” solution therefore we adjust our sessions to meet those needs
  • We understand that all situations are unique and require speciality care.
  • Most of our Coaching and Training is delivered live through our private Zoom room and recorded for clients and students to keep
  • As a Psychic/Medium, Deb is able to tap into deeper layers of each persons challenges to find the right solution
  • We use your Blueprint to give deeper insights into the challenges that prevent you from living in your highest vibration and purpose
  • Students have a lifetime access to our student pages where they can continue to redo their study, interact with us and other students and build rapport
  • 24/7 access to our team for support within the student page
  • All courses except “Expanse” and “15 minutes to change (Education Centre) have live interactive training or Coaching
  • We believe that our face and body creams bring the best results for all skin types and ages.  All creams are botanical and most of the Creams are vegan friendly
  • Our essential oils are endorsed by Dr Hill who uses them in his practice to assist in reducing symptoms and aid healing

Psychological Astrology Coaching Session

90 - 120 minutes

$350.00 AUD


Developed by Swiss Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst Dr Carl Jung, Psychological Astrology is based on the Jungian principles, where concepts of metaphysics, self-responsibility and thoughts becoming Form are combined with the concept of perfectly timed birth into the physical world to enable greater consciousness.

This model is used as a base to assess the core issues troubling us. I have found it to be the fastest and most accurate mode of assessment to study human Psyche successfully. Astrology itself is a great tool to identify hidden parts of the self and learn about real issues after bypassing the ego to encourage true healing and positive progress.

Theta Healing and Energy body and timeline healing

$197.00 AUD

  • Works with cells and DNA
  • Directly from source to patient
  • Unlike Reiki, source energy is sent directly to the patient and not taken in through the practitioner, meaning the energy is not being tainted by any programs the practitioner may be running unconsciously.
  • Release pain and mental programs to invite healing
  • Rewires the subconscious mind and energy body
  • Merging both modalities brings greater results as timeline therapy gives patients an active role in bringing about the desired results through their own thinking process.

Theta healing can help relieve your physical and emotional health concerns. Theta is the bridge between your soul and Source energy. This symbiotic pathway invites the body to release the emotions that are causing the physical pain. Theta encourages self-healing using quantum mechanics and physics. During the healing process, the body, cells and DNA are stimulated to self-heal. Theta Healing is beneficial for both the practitioner and client to energetically connect and attain relaxation to reach a Theta or meditative state. This helps the practitioner access the subconscious negative programs and modify them along with the beliefs responsible for running them. That’s how Theta Healing enables the body to self-heal; treating the subconscious is the best way to change those programs that generate illness or pain in our body.

Energy body work consists of energy work and visualization. The subconscious mind runs off programs and all of our trauma and pain is stored here. When we tell ourselves the same story over and over it becomes embedded in the muscle memory of the body which is also part of the subconscious mind. People can stay stuck from a traumatic event for years due to the subconscious and repetitive story they continue to see, feel and express.

When we revisit old pain points and tell our story, the subconscious mind believes it is happening all over again. It does not recognise, fact from fiction, truth from untruth or past from present.

Time line therapy is a great tool for revisiting the pain point using our timeline, pinpointing the event that originally created the loop of never ending suffering and change the outcome through suggestion and visualisation so that the outcome is no longer traumatic and the client feels that there was support and resolve for their issue. This changes everything cellularly which in turn begins to heal any physical or mental damage caused by the original trauma.

This modality can be used to relieve stress, anxiety, depression or heartbreak. Each session varies depending on the client’s needs. Usually we are looking at around 30 minutes.

*Crystals are used in conjunction with healing and energy body work to enhance the effect and bring a greater result for the client.