I started my true journey of self discovery about 4 years ago after a tragic loss in my life and had little breakthroughs along the way but nothing like what has happened since I started Deb’s course. The journey of discovery, re-programming and healing of my childhood traumas has been truly amazing. I can’t recommend this course highly enough. It is so powerful and my sessions with Deb have been amazing. And the meditation are absolutely exquisite.

Veronica Carter

Thanks to Deb for her amazing guidance, I have been following meditations and training daily. The other night, I set an intention to go visit my older self to see if things are working out and gather information.
It actually worked!! I was with my son, but an older version of him, not much older so I know it wasn’t too far away. I was carrying him on my hip.
When I woke l, I couldn’t remember the place or situation, but I do remember knowing that I was where I’d asked to be.
Incredible experience this was and I am so grateful for this level of expertise... now I shall continue the work daily because I know I am on the right path.

Amanda Boucher

Deb is amazing! I have been in such a horrible place for months and I needed some guidance and help because I was going crazy with everything. I’m always anxious and overwhelmed and yes am very negative but will now change the way I think because of Debs help. I will make some changes to my life & everything to attract good energy and so I won’t be in the miserable state of mind I was in. My life has been chaos but DEB, you have brought some peace and have opened my mind into doing things differently to help me cope through all this. Thank you so much for this. You don’t know how lost, anxious and overwhelmed I have been and now I feel such a calming peace with your words & help. Thank you! a million times thank you Deb!

Crystal Flores Guzman

Mind blowing! Deb is beyond words. Not only did she do my birth chart for me, she gave me so much insight into timing and the past- as well as a clear path to work towards. You speak with so much motherly love, guidance and encouragement. I can’t thank you enough for my session last week. Thank you for answering all of my endless questions and just having such a natural and beautiful chat about life. I feel like I’ve known you forever!

Sammy Klodzinsky

I have taken the Spiritual Awareness course level 1 and WOW! I have taken many spiritual classes since I began my journey but this one really takes the cake. I have had major consciousness breakthroughs and it has really expanded my awareness of what I am putting out into the universe. I would recommend this course over and over again. Deb Norman really has a way of putting things into terms even a newbie can understand. I am SO thankful for this course and I am most certainly looking forward to level 2!

Sarah Castleman

I started the Amplitude journey a few months ago, and it was the best decision i made for myself. Deb is incredibly intelligent and has mastered how the mind and body works together. i have learnt so many valuable tools in this course and i can honestly say it has changed my life. learning how to rewrite programmed beliefs, and reset the nervous system are just some of the many things Amplitude helps with. It has opened so many opportunities and doors for me. I definitely recommend Debs course.

Jasmin Burns

Listening and really taking this time to reflect on my chart reading with Deb Norman.
This is the most joyful + grateful I have ever been. I have happy tears come down my face.
Everything in my life has led me to this point in time + everything that comes from here, is the greatest gift. It’s pure ecstasy to see a gleaming path, a soul mission that I have come back to. A place I was always suppose to be. I am learning self worth right now & self love. Which is every day work. But learning to stand alone- even surrounded by people, to find that place of light and love within me so I am never alone. I am able to look back at the reading she did for me, with more clarity each time. I am eternally grateful for you and the Quantum Blueprint. I can’t wait to take the AMPLITUDE course beginning of next year and have you guide me through this next transition. With love & light Mikaela.

Mikaela Blaakman