The Universe responds to our command

Within you lies a power that you were never told about.

The Universal field is us, our physical body is a holographic container created by the earth for spirit to have a physical experience.

We have the capacity within to direct and control our environment with our thinking, we are the driver of this vessel

We are energy, an antenna that is far more powerful in reach than a telescope.

Once you understand what you really are not who you thought you were, the possibilities are endless

When you realize that your story, your pain, your perceptions are all the creation of your program that is for the most part, not even yours, you will awaken from this sleep and begin to see things differently. These programs are a representation of all the lives you have lived through your lineage as different aspects of self downloaded into your DNA as a reference tool for the future lives you are embarking on.

You can decide to think differently as The Universe responds to our command

In order to pull this off, you must know the program

This is what the Amplitude program does, it rewires your program and aligns you with your birthright, who and what you really are.

I would like to invite you to use this time to come on a journey of discovery with me as I guide and support you through the maze of your own subconscious and show you as a spirit being, what you are truly capable of.  join our facebook tribe

The Universe responds to our command