What is a “Light worker?”

These are the souls who have woken from the illusion fed to them from the environment. As babies, we remember who and what we are and why we chose to incarnate now. Light workers have access to their higher faculties and senses, and are actively doing, speaking, healing and educating others who are starting to wake up from their slumber. When we are born we remember who we are. Over time, many forget as their environment and those in it alter their perception of reality. DNA coding from our linage, paradigms and cultural conditioning all dictate the obstacles a Light worker must filter before they can truly stand in their own essence as an individual spark of this one collective consciousness, and sow the seeds for humanities healing and evolution.
Once all the human conditioning is released and replaced with the original coding which contains all knowledge from each time space reality, we are able to use our psychic senses in their highest form. Those who master what is already within, can use these tools to feel or see dis-ease within each other. We have the ability to feel vibrational changes in self and others, tap into and feel what is causing dis-ease or unrest and offer guidance as a healer to either speak with them or energetically assist them in healing. In order to do this work, you must make a commitment to yourself and work daily on your own layers of distortion, unhealed aspects, shadow and family conditioning.
Those who attempt to tap in without doing the daily work on themselves will struggle to differentiate between their own unhealed aspects and the other. The misconception many have around being a Light worker is that we must stay in the light. To stay fully in the light is to be consumed by it. This is the trigger for those souls who want to fight for a cause instead of realign with one. To be fully integrated we must stay neutral, own our shadow, and understand that part of creating is to destroy what is no longer serving and rebuild while in the darkness so we can shine our light from this creative space. We do not shine in the light we shine our light in the dark and birth new experiences and evolve.
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